30 things I learnt in Southeast Asia

1. Don't underestimate how much you can fit on a moped.

… Or a push bike.

… Or any vehicle for that matter.

2. Wear a piece of elastic under your chin to stop your hat from blowing away.

3. Be enterprising: you can set up a business anywhere.
4. Fix things.

5. If you can't find anything to wear, wear your pajamas.

6. Don't underestimate how much you can carry.

7. And don't underestimate your kids, they can do more than you think.

8. They don't need stabilisers, in fact, they can ride an adult's bike from a very young age.

They can also drive mopeds.

And boats.

9. Kids don't need loads of plastic toys. A stick, a stone, a puddle, an old tyre: it's enough.

10. Prams, pushchairs, dangily fluffy things that make noises – they're not necessary.

11. Rest more. If you haven't got any customers; why aren't you asleep?

12. Play out with your mates. Everybody.

13. Dance in the park. Why not?

14. Be inventive and resourceful.

15. See the worth in old things.

16. Know where your food comes from.

17. Eat fresh vegetables daily. Grow them yourself if you can.

18. Don't take health and safety too seriously.

19. Engage in random acts of kindness.

20. Encourage your children to say hello to strangers.

21. Men/boys, hug each other more often.

22. Electricity is overrated: eat by candlelight.

23. Don't underestimate your little toe. Are you using it? Hang it over your flip flop for balance.

24. Surround yourself with nature …

25. … and live more simply.

26. Keep family close.

27. And appreciate the view: that's your life going by.

28. Be cheeky: stick your tongue out at tourists who want photos for their blog!

29. Never stop searching for enlightenment.

30. And, if ever in any doubt as to what to do: smile.
With love, Laura x


13 thoughts on “30 things I learnt in Southeast Asia

  1. You don’t know me but I am a friend of gaye and michelles, following their travels, I came accross your blog. wow! Incredibly inspiring and thought provoking, thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m a pal of Katie’s Laura – awesome piccies absolutely loving them, I think I had my hair cut (when I had some) at that same open air salon in Hanoi!
    Keep ’em coming! Love to Holmes-a-tron, tell her I was re watching the lip dub the other day – her 5 tribute with Benny Boy and Oli made me smile! Quality!

    • Hello Geoff! No way! Can’t believe you had your hair cut there and that you knew it was Hanoi! Was it a good hair cut? He kept talking on his mobile phone whilst cutting and I know how men struggle to multitask so I was a bit dubious 😉 Holmes will see this – is there a video of her lip dubbing? Would love to see it! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. We can learn from each other if we`re open and acknowledge there are truths rather than the truth but what I`ve just written is just my perception.

    Thanks and safe travels.

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