Hong Kong – Part 2

The MTR, Hong Kong’s underground system, is so ridiculously efficient and easy to use that even a complete moron could figure out how to get places. I can see that, theoretically, it’s all so simple. Unfortunately, I still have to stare painstakingly at the map for several minutes before walking to the wrong platform. It’s the jet lag. Definitely the jet lag. Under normal circumstances I’d never get lost… the netball girls can verify this. Katie is amazing at finding her way around and I am learning a great deal whilst trying to keep up.

On Monday 23rd we headed to the Post Office as our bags weigh 15kg and this is far too much. The jeans are making a swift exit back to England along with all other bulky items. We were ruthless: my clothes have been halved.

We then went to sample some Chinese food. After removing our rucksacks, so as to avoid getting caught in swinging carcasses, the vomit-inducing feast began… with soup. Imagine it’s sunday, you’ve taken off the nice bits of chicken from your roast and are about to throw out the inedible bits. Now instead of throwing them away, you put these bits in dishwater, sprinkle them with salt and infuse them with the smell of wet dog. Then serve.

I had to focus all my energy on reading the guide book so as not to chunder on the table: the smell alone was monstrous. In the name of adventure, I reluctantly tried a spoonful … the memory is still too raw and painful to discuss. Mains were better and a Chinese man came out of his way to compliment me on my use of chopsticks. During the main, Katie was forced to spit out a large piece of gristle. Moments later, people started talking loudly in Chinese whilst pointing and gesticulating passionately in our general direction. We swiftly paid and left.

The same day, we moved hostels to the Yesinn at Causeway Bay on my friend Ezra’s recommendation. It’s brilliant- great social scene – within hours we had made 5 new friends and were heading out to the night market and drinking Tsingtao (Chinese lager). Our new friends are Nina (from Texas- she’s AWESOME), Gavri (Seattle), Julie (Quebec), Daniel (Brazil) and Walter (Virginia). Have learnt lots of key American phrases, like YOLO and SOL, excitedly anticipating dropping them into conversation.

The following day we went hiking together on a trail called, Dragon’s Back, which ended at a beautiful beach called, Big Wave Bay. It was nice to escape from the constantly busy city and we saw some incredible views.

We are currently relaxing on the rooftop terrace sharing a bottle of wine with our new friend Tom, from Aberdeen, and Nina. Cockroaches are jumping around at our feet, but oh well…YOLO!


YOLO = You only live once

SOL = Shit out of luck.



4 thoughts on “Hong Kong – Part 2

  1. Wow looks well mint! Don’t forget u can’t go wrong with chips- eat nothing that looks like its not cooked! This is the best blog iv ever followed, (And also the first one), keep us updated with these epic adventures.

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