Off we go!

Off we go!! Eek! Just having a final cup of tea at Heathrow before boarding the first flight to Bombay, I can’t quite believe the 20th September is actually here- a date that has been in the diary a long time! We’ve managed to get ourselves from York to Heathrow, it can’t be much harder can it?! It was quite an emotional day yesterday saying goodbye to our families and friends but as soon as we got on the train Laura got the beer out and we put away Gino’s chocolate orange and we were right as rain! Daddy Holmes sponsored us a hotel room at heathrow which was brilliant so we’re feeling pretty good! Time for a bit of duty free shopping I think! K xxx

Goodbye at York station with G, Em, Tom and Steve

3 thoughts on “Off we go!

    • Have an amazing trip Holmes!! you will be missed greatly but just think of all the stories you will have to tell xxxxxxx take care of u xxxxx Dousty.

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